Botanics- Beauty from mother nature

In the search for the best skin products, we spend hundreds and hundreds on different ‘top brands’, ‘medically proven to work’ brands and ‘as used by…’ brands. All in an attempt to get the airbrushed skin looks of the Jenner’s and the Hadid’s and a lot of them work really well, doing what they claim to do, in some form or other. Making your skin glow, or smoothing it out, but surely what we’re all looking for isn’t found in bottles made of gold. And through my own (personal) search I have found some things that work and others that dent my pocket with no real change.

But this post isn’t in anyway to slander top brands, quite the opposite actually.

Having recently found a brand that not only is formulated without any parabens, but allows us to, while we help our skin, also help mother nature.

This brand is no other than Botanics.

Their belief that their products “shouldn’t cost the earth” is what drives their research and sustainably sourced skin care.

I like to start with the Cleansing foam wash with hibiscus extracts. I don’t like using makeup removers, be it wipes or micellar water (if you’re using wipes please STOP, like right now…READ THIS. So I tend to remove all my makeup with water and a face wash. This product foams up and is great for removing even mascara without any rough rubbing or rough effort.

I then move on to the Purifying face scrub, I often find some face scrubs to be too harsh for my skin and leave a slight burning sensation around the areas of my nose and cheeks. This scrub is gentle enough not to harm my skin but just enough to smooth it out in preparation for my daily makeup routine. It contains hibiscus extracts, which after much of my own research has been sworn upon to help achieve a smoother and more glowing looking complexion. And even after only a few uses, I can vouch for its effectiveness.


And lastly, after I’ve dried my face my go-to product is the Nourishing facial oil. My skin, especially during the windy seasons gets very dry, but oil has never been an option for me as I have always gotten outbreaks from anything too greasy. This facial oil, on the other hand, seems just perfect, I use it before bed and have not yet had it cause me outbreaks. It actually soothes my face and prepares it for a rough day of wind and cold (as is the usual up north).

Botanics is within a good price range, and their ethical and natural approach to product creation is what drew me in, from personal experience I can say these are a few of the best creams and potions I’ve used and they work well for me on a daily basis. I don’t think they are expert products for intensive regime systems such as those to cure acne but for a day to day face care regime they are perfect to keep skin looking fresh and healthy.


Remember that these are my opinions and experiences with these products and that your personal results will definitely vary from mine, but in the spirit of good beauty, a push in the direction of good products is always useful.




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