My Autumn/Winter Skin Care Favourites

Many have asked to give an update with my autumn/winter skin care regime so here it is!

With the cold hitting as hard as it has this winter, my skin is taking a toll. I am either too hot and flustered from my massive coats or way too cold and my face dries up.

I have combination skin (meaning some places are oily like around my nose, and others very dry, mostly temples and cheeks) this makes finding the perfect creams and lotions a hassle this time of year. But I have recently discovered a brand called Aknicare, not only do their range of creams help with outbreaks, they keep my skin looking clear and healthy.

The first product in my daily routine is always the Aknicare Gentle Cleansing Gel (with GT peptide-10), after removing my makeup, with water only, I do not use any cleansers or makeup removers. And people…please keep away from make-up remover wipes, the bane of our female makeup routine, and probably one of the worst things to use on skin during the sensitive season of winter! The cleansing gel removes any makeup still left and the GT Peptide-10 in the formula is a godsend with making your skin feel fresh and ready for the creams, the ingredients work together to remove excess oil in the skin and maintain barrier function to prevent pores clogging.

After the gel, comes the lotion, Aknicare Treatment Lotion, this one isn’t essential for most people, but if you’re like me and you get outbreaks this is a useful step in my regime. Unlike most roll-on lotions of this type (like those prescribed by GP’s) this one doesn’t leave red marks and extremely dry patches.

Once the lotion has dried I move to my final (and favourite) step. The moisturising cream, I have two, Synchrovit Face Cream and Hydratime Plus Face Cream alternating between both with each use, they both do pretty much the same thing, but have slightly different textures, one aimed at reducing oil and tightening the skin, and the other at giving a moisture surge for dry skin. So, I balance my use of both as I love them both and really cannot decide on which on is my favourite.

(picture not mine) All 4 products mentioned are seen in this picture.

These three products are the only things I use on my face, and over a month and a half since using them twice daily, the results have been amazing. As with all skincare it takes time to see results, so don’t be put off if there are no changes in the first week!

Check out their website HERE and read the science behind these for yourself, they do great package deals, and give a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the results.

This is all based on my own experience with the creams, I am of course, no science expert and cannot say this is the brand for all, but I’ve found that it helps me and I hope can help my lovely readers too!

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Sofia xx




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