Steam yard

Finding cute places to lunch in Sheffield isn’t hard. With Steam Yard being one of my favourites, with its quaint layout and quirky choices of foods its hard not to go in when walking by.

“Steam Yard is all about good coffee and great friends” – and they’re not wrong!

Not only is it based in the most perfect location, with its own little court yard type setting, there’s places inside and out that warm every instagrammers heart. 

The picture above is just one of the delicious treats they serve. As well as good coffee and even better toasted sandwhiches, Steam Yard are Sheffield famous for their Gluten free, vegan donuts, amazingly glazed and mouth watering no doubt.

They are definitely worth checking out on Instagram ( for more pictures and updates.

While Steam Yard is by far my favourite coffee place in Sheffield, my search for the daintiest places has only really just begun. So prepare, my readers, for a run down of the best places here up north!


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(food pictures not mine) 


Sofia xx


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