No place like home

You only really miss the small things about home life when you’re no longer able to carelessly enjoy them like before. Apart from the obvious like missing my family and the individual dynamic they bring to our household, it really is the small things that I cherish  when coming home. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love being at university, living as a student, and generally coping with life (relatively well) independently. But when the opportunity presents itself and I get an excuse (any excuse really) to go back and sleep in my own, king size bed, I grab it. One of the things I realised I took for granted for years was the living space I had, being quite fortunate to have a pretty decent sized room, It took some getting used to and a lot of compartmentalising to actually fit all of my things in my dorm.

I was woken this morning at 6:30 am, for nothing else but cuddles of course. Because what 3 year old needs sleep at 6:30 am? Not my sister, that’s for sure. And that just adds to the many things I miss about being at home. Me and ,my sisters have always had a very close relationship, so suddenly having limited face to face contact with them is super hard, on top of which, my smallest sister hadn’t quite grasped the concept of me no longer living in the same house, so leaving to go back to uni is always a “I’m going to school, and I’ll be back later” situation. Which is then followed by a stern phone call later on to say “you didn’t come back to from school, you said you would”.

I mean if your heart isn’t melting just reading this then I don’t know how else to try!

But this all isn’t to say that there isn’t anything I don’t absolutely love about Sheffield and living away. The city is much quieter than London, but in a good way. In the way that I never have to stand on public transport, never have to push my way through busy streets and never have to play survival of the fittest at the grocery store checkouts.

I have also, yet to explore the peak district and all the walks that are featured on any northern bloggers page ever found. But with the right planning and maybe a day when its above 2 degrees Celsius, I too will be able to stun you guys with a misty forest photoshoot of my own. 

But by far my favourite thing about moving to a different city is the accents. As multicultural as London is there are usually two types of accents to be heard, The London Accent, and The Foreigner. Moving up north was a shocker, people from all over the country with their own twist on English, their own slang, and abbreviations, code words and pronunciation, I could write a book on all the different debates we’ve had on what you call a bread bun.  

So yes, I am alive, and still writing, just not as much as I’d love to, but hopefully with me settling in I can change that and get back into routine. Thank you to those who have emailed me and messaged me on my social media to ask where I have gone! 

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Sofia x



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