Small city, big dreams

As I’m writing this post, my whole family is sat in the car, bags upon bags and boxes of clothing filling the boot of our car (and majority of the back seats…oops) heading north to Sheffield.

It’s crazy to think just how quickly moving in day to university has come, and even crazier for me still is moving out of the comfort of the busy city that I’m used to. And I’ll be honest, packing for this day was an emotional journey. Nevertheless, this is a new start, an exciting move, and most definitely the beginning of a good time. Anyone else moving to different cities for university? Email me on how you cope with the change and what helped!

In other news, the crazy summer has come to an end, and I have plenty of new posts to keep you guys busy over the next couple of weeks and coming months. Let me settle in and this blog can have my full attention. From my new beauty hauls, to my favourite skin care products for this fall, new outfits, and how to survive the rain and wind while keeping it CHIC! (And maybe a couple of summer holiday throwbacks.)

SIDENOTE: I love and appreciate all your comments, and after being gone a while I came back to over 3000 comments, which I sadly had to trash, in an attempt to avoid a website meltdown if I accepted them all, and also because at this moment I do not have the time to sift through 3000+ comments and pick out the spam. But I will from now on check back more regularly so all your love can be accepted and posted 


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