50 shades of red

Well maybe not quite 50… but I do have A LOT of red lipsticks. In different shades and finishes, because you never know when you may need a deep glossy red, or a bright matte one.

I gathered (from what I could find from what had not yet been stolen by my makeup loving little sister) 10 of my favourite red lipsticks to give you guys a look into how each looks.

  1. Kailijumei- Flame Red… This is one of the lipsticks I reviewed in an earlier post, and sadly it just wouldn’t turn the same bright red it does on my lips (something to do with heat and texture). But I decided I’d show you at least what it looks like in the first 5 minutes of application, as it does get more intense with time.
  2. Kiko- 909… I honestly couldn’t find the colour of the shade of this lipstick, neither on the lipstick or online. But this is one of my all time favourites, it lasts longer than most and doesn’t cause any cracks in the colour after a full day of wear.

I’m only going to brief you on the best and the worst, because lets face it, a lot of these are pretty similar, and majority of them do the job well.

5. Palladio- Brocade… This one was given to me by a friend, the deep red-almost burgundy stays on all day and becomes the perfect matte lipstick. It doesn’t bleed out of the edge of the lips and doesn’t even require a lip liner base. Best of all, it comes in a small tube that’s super easy to take around with you.

8. No7- High Shine Lip Crayon… I couldn’t find the exact shade name anywhere on this lipstick, but honestly it doesn’t matter. This lipstick bleeds and leaves a sticky feeling. It is way too greasy for my liking and its actual quite unfortunate since the colour itself is lovely.

Lastly but not least…

10. Rimmel- Starry Eyed… This is my all time favourite, if you’re bold enough to go for dark shades (and I try my best to be) then this one is amazing. It has a slight shine to it and looks great even without a lip liner as the applicator is sharp edged, perfect for shaping your lips. The only flaw is that it requires top up every couple hours or so, but that is nothing compared to the gorgeous colour it comes as.

If you have any suggestions on other Red Lippy’s or if you would like more detail about ones you’ve read about here then email me at Blog@sofianicorici.com

Sofia x



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