Networking and all it’s perks

Networking has to be one of my favourite ways to make connections, meet intelligent and creative people who are at the top of their industry. I started attending networking events when I signed up with PitchIt and was partnered with a mentor who worked in a marketing company aimed at youth culture. He took me to lots of events and I even got to participate in a variety of panel talks with PitchIt. Last week, my favourite blogger @ironicjess and I went along to PitchIt’s 4X5 event. The idea behind it is, that young people who make 4 or more connections with professionals are 5 times more employable, awesome right?
Hosted at the quirky offices of Propercorn, the evening was as usual, a success. Starting with talks from industry professionals, and then a chance to meet and speak to those working in the creative industries. I of course had my business cards on hand to make as many connections as I could, and just to prove how useful these events are, I’ve already got meetings and collaborations planned with photographers and marketing strategists!
The ever so cool Charlotte (@chareveph) took photos from the evening (which you can see throughout this post).
PitchIt offer opportunities for young people to be mentored by those in the industry they think they would like to progress into, and they do an amazing job at it. I would strongly suggest for any young person looking to get their foot in the door to sign up and find out more about this opportunity. Also, if you are already working in the creative industries and would like to mentor a young person, pass on your knowledge and expert advice, and be a role model that just
may guide them to the career of their dreams then also get in touch!

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