How I prepare for photoshoots

With college over and my whole summer being freeeee (exciting), I am back to working hard and doing what I love most. Standing in front of a camera. One of the hardest things for me personally is the preparation for shoots, I often find out where and what I’m doing a day or two before, so a quick and efficient prep is essential. No model wants to pack a heavy bag that she/he then has to drag back home after a long and tiring day. But neither do you want to turn up with none of the essentials with (like a nude coloured bra, baby wipes and WATER)

And apart from what to pack I’ll share with you how I prep my hair and skin the night before a shoot to make sure I’m looking and feeling my best

1. The night before

The night before I apply a facial scrub mask, usually my favourite one from L’oreal called Pure Clay Glow Mask.
This thing is amazing at getting your skin in the perfect condition for the next morning. Work for me usually means spending an hour or so in hair and make up and having that many layers of makeup on for photoshoots takes a toll on your skin. This gorgeous little scrub prepares your face for any amount of makeup!




2. What to pack

One thing I was taught by another model when I was pretty young is that you should always turn up with at least three bra’s/knickers: White, black and nude. Some shoots provide underwear depending on the clothing but having your own with you is no doubt a much better choice. I also always have makeup wipes with me, there’s nothing more terrible than travelling the tube back home with bright orange eyes and purple lips. And while makeup artists tend to have wipes with them, nobody knows your skin type as well as you do. So pack what’s right for you personally. Lastly and most important I always have a bottle of water with me, I can tell you from past experiences that bright lights partnered with dehydration and having to stand completely still for a couple of hours straight is the perfect brew for a terrible shoot.

3. On the day

Most shoots have crazy early call times (I once did a shoot starting at 6:30 am!) so I try to go to bed early to avoid panda eyes, but my go to cure for tired eyes is mentioned in my previous post (Pep Start Eye Cream) . I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I’m not a morning person, and I don’t always fancy a full breakfast at 5am, so I tend to buy a coffee and a pastry or some fruits to start my day for a shoot.

4. Have fun!

I do modelling because I love the  creativity, the travelling, and the amazing opportunities I have had from shoots. But regardless of why you choose to do modelling, having fun and feeling comfortable is the most important. This post is purely how I prepare and my habits as a model, but I hope this helps/inspires any existing models, and maybe even helps anyone who is thinking of doing modelling!


Sofia x



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