Creams, Serums and Potions

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with acne on and off since I was only a wee teen. Creams and no cream, pills and no pills, tears and no tears, and the problem persists.

While undergoing a clinically supervised process of pills I found that my skin got extremely dry and sensitive, to the point where it hurt to be out in the sun, to rub a little too hard with a towel, and even apply makeup with the brush I had. This was, and is, totally normal for those taking any acne medication or using creams as those medical cures drain the body of majority of its zinc, which is meant to dry out the oil filled pores and help you on your way to a clearer face. this sadly also has the given side effects of dry skin and irritation.

Normal creams were way too oily and greasy for me to use, and would completely go against the medication I was taking. And this is when  discovered the beauty that is Clinique . The creams that I love from them are all water based, so no oil and grease. And they feel almost weightless on your face, anyone who’s ever used low quality creams knows that heavy, sticky feeling they leave. While Clinique creams are the exact opposite!

My obsession with their products started from  their – Moisture Surge Intense, skin fortifying hydrator– this cream is my absolute favourite for a quick fix on dry skin.


My little obsession soon grew…and grew…and grew. And I now have a massive collection of a variety of their creams/ serums and makeup.

Another one of my favourites is the –Pep Start Eye Cream– this tiny thing goes for £22 but is worth every penny. Instantly brightens dark circles and even acts as a primer for your makeup. 




Last but not least is their –Superbalm Lip Treatment– it’s intensely glossifying and hydrating, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue!

Hope you guys enjoy my mini reviews on some of my favourite products! – Sofia x


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  1. Love your blog, love the way you write, it’s so down to earth and understandable also very informative yet personal, such a pleasure to read it.

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