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Hey  my lovelies,

Exams are finally over and my summer has officially started! I am back at my laptop and free to keep you guys up to date with all the great things I’ll be up to this summer. To start things off I want to head back a few weeks to when I received my order of Clear Coffee , 5 pocket sized glass bottles of…you guessed it… absolutely clear coffee.

Apart from the delivery taking 4 weeks, the coffee was generally impressive, a bit too strong for my taste but at least it keeps my teeth coffee stain free, I got one of my friends to review it and she had a very different opinion to me:

Clear coffee?
Who knew there was such a thing! Arriving in a clear glass packaging and being able to see straight
through it makes you wonder, does it actually taste like what it says on the packet? Or is it just
watered down and tasteless.
Not being a big coffee drinker myself, I often only find myself turning to coffee for the caffeine
during exam seasons. And after tasting this, I think it’s safe to say I’m sticking with the coloured
The drink itself is actually deceptively strong, despite its “water”-like appearance. However, it is
prevalent that the drink isn’t much like coffee at all. In essence, it tastes just like strong black coffee,
without the creaminess or kick to it. Almost tastes like flavoured water or flat soda (with a horrid
after taste).
Although it being extremely aesthetically pleasing and having that Starbucks aroma as soon as you
unscrew the cap. The drink for me isn’t really worth the hype. At best, it could do with some warm
milk and a few sugar cubes to give it a little bit of a kick.
Overall as far as it goes for coffee, I’m content with a regular cappuccino.
– Tahera Noor
Instagram: @imtyra
Check them out and maybe even give them a go! If you have tried Clear Coffee message or leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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