Flower Power

Kailijumei and their Jelly Flower Lipsticks are every bloggers dreams come true.

Overall Score: 8/10

Delivery: 10/10

Packaging: 7/10

Instagrammable? Hell yessss.

I have to explain my over score, as amazing as the lipsticks are, they dry out your lips quite quick. But apart from that they are gorgeous, the red case even comes with a slim mirror to help with your touch ups throughout the day and the flowers inside the actually lipsticks are amazing! I truly did not expect them to look so beautiful and delicate, with gold flecks throughout them and a real flower blossomed at the base. Although the jelly is clear, they come in different colours and the (pleasant) surprise is that you don’t expect them to leave as vibrant a colour on your lips as they are.

A definite recommendation from me, and totally worth both price and deliver. I have the Barbie Doll Powder and Flame Red and both are stunning shades. Check them out!



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