Rose Gold Makeup Brush Review

Am I in love with these brushes?

Hell yes.

Some time ago I purchased a 7pcs set of makeup brushes from a company called Demarkt, with rose gold handles and  pink ombre bush hairs, I (undeniably) fell for looks. I’m a huge sucker for anything rose gold, and even worse, hopelessly in love with ombre brushes. Sue me.

I always do my research, and after reading a couple hundred customer comments I decided to buy them for myself. In all honesty my rational was, if they are terrible makeup brushes, I’ll at least enjoy the prettiness of them and get great photos for my blog (ironically in all my hype I only took one…).

I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally got them, though the presentation of the packaging was a little slack, but the beauty of the brushes made up for it. The hairs are super soft and they leave no streaks, my favourite is the round tip eyeshadow brush (second from the left) it blends beautifully and makes what used to be difficult seem super easy.

A total win in the makeup department. Thank you so much to Demarkt for your lovely brushes, they really are the perfect completion to any makeup lovers kit!

Love Sofia xx



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